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IOG - "Black History Told By The Prophets Promo" via @YouTube

Once the API stops working, I will post my federated profile right into my Twitter bio. Ban me for unpaid advertising, I don't care. I'm done with this. I won't be paying for your stupid blue check either.
Planet earth

PSA: Beginning on Thursday February 9th, you will probably never see me again on Twitter. It's not fully by choice, as there are accounts I follow that I wish I could keep following. But Twitter's policies and procedures are getting out of control, and their API will stop working on Thursday. Anyone who still wants to follow me can follow from any of thousands of federating servers with hundreds of apps available.
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Perhaps it's because we know they got us by the money. We don't have a choice. War with China will collapse our economy once and for all.

Why are we allowing a spy balloon to fly over our country?! Have we gone soft?! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
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Oh no! Are the tabs in the post I shared, in my response, or both? I'm not seeing them in either here.
Hunter Jozwiak pleroma (AP)
It is only in the original post.
Oh OK. It may have gotten cleaned up where I see it but corrupted again by the time it gets to you. It originally came from Twitter, which will no longer allow me access on Thursday. Did you see the tabs in any other post I shared, or is it just in this one?

Did we really ask for the proof? Wall Street thrives on unemployment and is the driving force behind inflation and high interest rates. It's no skin off their nose when we can't afford the daily necessities.

Wall Street’s rally hit a wall after a surprisingly strong jobs report fueled worries about inflation and higher interest rates.
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Actually what we'll be left with is a whole bunch of people complaining about Twitter on Twitter, threatening to leave and then getting right back on it to complain about it once more. This is exactly what happened when they started letting anyone pay for the blue check. People complained and threatened to leave, and now they're back, complaining again, and they have the coveted blue check on their accounts. Go figure.

Twitter's API is part of what made the platform great. What we’ll be left with after free access ends is a Twitter that’s less fun, less open, less interesting, and more expensiveβ€”but with just as many problems as before, EFF's @JGKelley writes in @Slate.…
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Now why in the world would I want to sign this? There are many wasteful parts of government, and the IRS is probably the worst. DEFUND THE IRS! PLEASE!

This cause is close to my heart - please sign:…
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OIXCIV friendica

#Attention!! Is there an Italian who speaks German?

And now we know just how neutral Microsoft's ChatGPT really is. It is actually politically an American Democrat. No surprise here.

βœ… True. In further tests, ChatGPT also declined a request to write a poem admiring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Here were the reasons given by the "neutral AI language model."…
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Thank God, or whatever deity you consider most holy! It's way past time!

For how many more decades do you think this show was still air every weekday on TV?

BREAKING: β€˜Dr. Phil’ To End After 21 Seasons…

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Yeah just what I always wanted. I've been hoping and praying for a way to make all my passwords easier for hackers and crackers to find. Guess this is it.

Having a hard time thinking of strong, complex passwords for your accounts? Let your iPhone create, auto-fill, and store them for you with iCloud Keychain.

Learn more:

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A #Linux desktop is far more powerful than a Chromebook, since it doesn't hide the OS behind a browser and Android stuff. It's also far more secure, as everything that makes Linux secure hasn't been stripped away by Google. Turn that old computer, whatever computer you have, into a Linux desktop instead. You'll be glad you did.

You can turn your old PC or Mac into a Chromebook, here's how:…
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Actually all we need to send them is a huge FU6. That stands for fuck you 6 ways to Sunday. @President Biden really needs to stop abusing his power to protect his son's partners in crime ... I mean business associates.

A faster way to improve Ukrainian Airpower without send them F-16s would be to retrofit their existing fighters with modern standoff weapons like the JSOW, JASSM, and JDAM.
Planet earth

They can keep their crap. It was all based on lies and misinformation anyway. Moderna will burn in hell for helping to peddle Dr. Fauci's secret sauce to the unsuspecting public for profit.

After getting taxpayer help to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, Moderna made billion in net income in 2021 and juiced their CEO’s pay by 41%. Now apparently they’re considering quadrupling the vaccine price, up to 0 a dose.

Corporate greed can’t come before public health.
Planet earth

I could almost like the concept of this Nostr thing that is the network behind this app, except for one glaringly obvious flaw. I was just looking at the web client, and every post I see is by a random-looking string of hex digits, 23a12a39cd kind of thing. No one has a profile name, a display name, a way to follow them, a way to know who posted what; it's just these hex digits. It's the same thing that makes most fully decentralized networks impossible to use. I'll have to stick with server federation until they work around this limitation.
Planet earth

Yet another so-called social media network that gives one man entirely too much power. Go bye-bye in your first week. I'm not pre anything with this, I'm done with it before it ever starts. I'm on the #Fediverse, where anyone can talk to anyone and all opinions count. Best of all, it's controlled by many, not one or a few. Much like email, but more social.

Great Q&A with @cbouzy just now about @Spoutible - a new social media platform 🐳

He says it’ll look & feel like Twitter, but offers a safer space, stronger data protection & will tackle mis/disinfo head on.

Launching in 16 hours. Let’s see how it goes!
Planet earth

Throwing it back to Tastings at Ten ⏰

Our Friday tastings were a ritual for over two decades. Tastings at Ten allowed thousands of coffee lovers to gather and explore our coffee.

Big news: We’re bringing this hallmark tradition BACK! Stay tuned for more info next week πŸ€—




Just give me a Fediverse app. It's all I need. I'm way past tired of one man thinking he has all the answers for what a social network should be, and all the power to kick me off of it if I say something he disagrees with, and that includes Twitter banning people who share links to federating social networks.

Call me clueless, but I was actually unaware that there was still a COVID emergency. Yeah I know it spread here out of control like wildfire at the beginning of the year, but I didn't hear anything about it killing or hospitalizing anyone this time around, and when my whole house got it, it just laid us low for a day or two and then we were back on our feet. Where is the emergency now? Oh and don't give me the whole get the jab bullshit either. We had only one person in the house who had any jab of any kind, and none of us got COVID severely enough to need any medical attention beyond a fever reducer and pain relief for the muscle aches.

Not Based On Science: β€œThe Covid emergency will end when the Supreme Court ends it. We’ve extended to May the 11th to make sure we get everything done.” Everything done? What else could Biden and Friends have up their sleeves? Biden thinks we’re stupid.

Planet earth

Yeah how’s that working out? The past two years under your leadership has seen less jobs and more inflation than we’ve seen in the four prior decades. Great job making that better economy so far. Keep it up and you will break all records for being the worst president in history.

Too many have been left behind amid the economic upheaval of the past four decades.

They remember the jobs that went away and wonder whether a path even exists anymore for them to succeed.

But I know we can forge a path of building an economy where no one is left behind.

They never were that great actually. I played with one 10 years ago or so, and while true that they're far worse now, they weren't that great even then, considering they were the first to have sealed-in non-replaceable batteries, far too few buttons with no keyboard or number pad to speak of and no storage expansion option.

The iPhone 5s was the last great iPhone. They went downhill after that.
Planet earth

Well, I'm not sure that I have $300 for a bluetooth speaker, but wow this does sound nice!

#Marshall's Middleton speaker packs 20 hours of battery life in a fully waterproof body, surrounded by drivers on all sides.…
Planet earth

I'm not sure he actually had any personal fortune. If he had, he wouldn't have needed to buy Twitter on credit.

And he’s still one of the wealthiest people in the world
How insane is that?! 🀯

This you?…
Elon Musk breaks world record for largest loss of personal fortune in history

Planet earth

In other news, it's all too damn easy to spend $150 on groceries in a single order, especially if you have a family of 3 or more. Crazy that I can actually say this is pretty much a non-story.

Amazon said customers who get their groceries delivered and pay less than 0 will be charged between .95 and .95.…
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It was always an exaggeration to say it was an emergency. I know ... my whole family had it, and we've had the flu worse than this. In fact, COVID was a joke compared to what I experienced just one day after my first flu shot.

The coronavirus remains a global health emergency, but may be nearing an "inflection point".
Planet earth

Neither, as both are equally dangerous and equally evil.

Who Is More Dangerous

Bill Gates Or Joe Biden πŸ‘‡πŸ»
Planet earth

I prefer just to use the HOME and END keys. They work the same way, but are easier to press and easier to remember.

Quick Linux Tip πŸ’‘

In the Linux terminal, use Ctrl+A to go to the beginning of the line and Ctrl+E to go to the end.

Very useful if you are typing a long command and realize halfway through that you need to change something at the beginning.
Planet earth

I'm done with the walled gardens, the algorithms that think they can think for me, suggestions that don't match me in any way, but take up my whole screen, posts that are in random order and big tech in general. The grass really is greener over here in the Fediverse. I am still considering making a switch on my own server, but following kyle [at] talkabout [dot] cf should work no matter what I do. Of course I obfuscated my webfinger to keep from getting outright banned, but I do want people to see where I'm going if they want to come with. I'm leaving the bird and the book behind.
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Shoutout to all the coffee pros working on Saturday!

People have been waiting all week to get coffee from YOU! Thanks for working the weekend and all that you do! You’re doing great ❀️





Funny how much of this we see on Google's Youtube and Meta Platforms' Facebook. We don't see so many complaints about them.

On Trump’s Truth Social: Ads for Miracle Cures, Scams and Fake Merchandise - The New York Times…
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πŸ‘‰Spread the word and invite family and friends to join us for another Black History Series. Thanks family and take care in Jesus' name! πŸ₯°


My Friendica no longer receives tweeties, and posts I send out no longer get copied to my bird. So I guess I'll start posting "follow me" links until the bird has had enough and suspends or deletes me. That said, now that the bird no longer chirps, I'm thinking again about getting something faster running on Talkabout. Sure I have a couple of registered users on Friendica, but Honk and Pleroma both seem to run faster, and I like how Honk doesn't need MariaDB or Postgres in order to work correctly. It's kinda fun as well. But then Pleroma has the poll thing that I really wish Friendica had, and this runs really fast as well, even with Postgres.
Planet earth

It’s tax season so we’re back with Cash App Taxes to make filing 100% free, no matter your tax situation. Student? Freelancer? Princess? Free.

Over 9 million returns filed. No pennies charged. Get started it’s easy β†’


Dubbing quotes

Only on Planet Joe it seems. My grocery bill is what matters, and it went to the moon and beyond, and it's not showing any sign of returning to earth any time soon.

Annual inflation has fallen for six straight months and gas is down Annual inflation has fallen for six straight months and gas is down $1.70 from its peak.

We are successfully moving from economic recovery to stable growth..70 from its peak.

We are successfully moving from economic recovery to stable growth.

If Microsoft would just stop buying up everything they want and actually compete in the marketplace ethically, their employees would still have jobs. They would be forced to work to keep up with everybody else instead of just buying and killing their competition as they like to do. But then again, this isn't just a Microsoft problem. No big tech actually cares to do what's right.

Microsoft is Expected to Lay Off Thousands of Employees Tomorrow…
Planet earth

I hope this includes Mastodon-compatible servers such as those running Pleroma, Friendica, etc. If so, this is very good news indeed.

@TuxPaintTweets Mastodon links are now supported on SourceForge projects!
Planet earth

Simply reshuffling their leadership won't help them. Apple is shit, and nothing can fix that. End of story.

Apple Reshuffles Leadership at @AppleTV+…
Planet earth

Score another point in favor of the KaiPhone! KaiOS for the win!

Bill Gates confirms preference for Android over iPhone…
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