The Democrats cheater Bernie Twice and they think you're going to vote for them anyway. Join with our campaign and together we can and we will propose an alternative. # # #

Really, why can't we be 100% pro-life, starting before birth and going on up through adulthood to the natural death of the body? Pro-life must mean pro-health and pro-peace. It must be anti-abortion, but also anti-hunger, anti-death, anti-war, and most definitely anti-insurance, which takes more lives than it saves.
When pro-life = anti-masks, pro-gun, anti-immigration, anti-universal healthcare, and pro-death penalty you really have to wonder what kind of life we’re advocating for.

@TextNowHelp I'm calling a work-related dial-in number using, but after 3 to 5 minutes, I am no longer able to hear the other end of the line. I started noticing this on Sunday. Please help.

The device works like one of those ‘choose your own adventure’ books

8 Bits and a Byte created this voice-controllable, interactive, storytelling device, hidden inside a 1960s radio for extra aesthetic wonderfulness

And users get to pretend to be a SPY!…


Here's my advice. Nothing Apple does is worth the cost. Steer clear.
Is Apple's new service bundle worth the cost? Here's our advice


The Democrats have taken the Green Party’s Green New Deal slogan, divested it of real content, and abandoned it altogether in the 2020 Democratic platform. Donald Trump may call climate change a hoax, but the Democrats are acting as if its a hoax.…


Stop them dead cold. Join the # and leave big corporate tech in the dust that they made for themselves.

Facebook's foray into virtual and augmented reality is a bet on where the future of online social interaction is heading. It's also a plan to make sure the company owns a big piece of whatever platform ultimately supplants the smartphone. AXIOS

Retweet if you follow @Howie Hawkins and @Angela Walker and make their follower counts go through the roof! Tweets and follows aren't votes, but they do count.

Just give it up already. X86_64 is dead. May it rest in pieces.
After taking a beating from AMD’s Ryzen 4000 chips, Intel has made some ambitious claims about its latest generation of laptops processors. Are Intel’s claims true? With the first reference model in hand, it’s time to find out.…

Tell him he can find a good home in the #. #, #, #, #, #, many more. Thousands of independent sites, no corporate censorship.
My friend @kanyewest wants you all to know that he was kicked off of @Twitter for 12 hours

I'm referring everyone who wants to virtue signal and voter shame leftists for not wanting to vote for Joe Biden to this excellent clip from @jimmy_dore

Ppl❤️Green policies, but some are reluctant to vote Green because they think Greens can’t win.

Why vote for Dems if they don’t support ANY policies we want i.e., Med4all, end wars, legal☘️?

By voting for Dems, aren’t WE just guaranteeing we’ll never win?

We need Ranked Choice Voting as a part of a broad democracy agenda that overhauls our electoral system!

Sign the petition today at


What kind of ...?
Buying stock does not make you a business owner unless you have enough accumulated wealth already to buy a majority stake, which is a ton of shares. Only the richest CEO's and executives have enough money to buy enough stock in a company to even get a seat at their table. With a few shares of stock, you really have nothing. No vote, no decision making power, not a damn thing except a bad decision that you made to gamble away your hard-earned money and the regret that comes when the market collapses. No. The quickest and best way, the only way to become a business owner is to start your own business. It's that simple.
The fastest way to become a business owner is to buy shares of stock.

You can get started today. I have a PhD in Finance and I can show you right now. For free.


How about you moderate a Townhall discussion with @Howie Hawkins the Green Party candidate as well. # # #
@rolandsmartin How about you moderate one of the Townhall discussions one with @JoeBiden and one with @realDonaldTrump on #

The ideal situation for an authoritarian is a society where its citizens have rights and could have power but are terrified to use them.

You're supposed to know the game is rigged, you're supposed to know corruption is rampant, and you're supposed to feel demoralized.

All it really means is that Disney can sell anything at any price and brainwash us into buying it. Die, capitalism, die!
MULAN has made $260M+ domestic on Premier Access. I would imagine SOUL and BLACK WIDOW to follow. Looks like PVOD works for consumers.


Democracy doesn’t exist when an entire party is removed from the ballot. This is beyond reform.

Meanwhile, corporate censorship at Facebook is certainly on the rise. Breaking up facebook isn't the answer. Leaving it is. Join the # and kick corporate censorship to the curb once and for all. If Facebook had no users, and if all their users migrated to the small independent sites that all talk to each other, social media would look very much different and the world would be a much better place. Talkabout is just one example of such a small and independent social site that respects your freedom, but there are thousands more. Join Talkabout or find your own best fit.
Facebook is failing in the fight against disinformation because it would undermine its own business model to conduct effective content moderation. That's why the only way forward is to #…


Listen black people, do NOT become a guinea pig or a lab monkey for the COVID19 vaccine.

The fact that black people die disproportionately relative to COVID19 in terms of the preexisting conditions and preexisting disadvantages, has nothing to do with whether you should volunteer to being used as a COVID19 lab rat.

Leave the testing of the vaccine alone. How are they going to know if the vaccine works unless they deliberately infect you with the virus?

If you know systemic racism has already put us at a health disadvantage; if you know they are not going to know if the vaccine works unless you are infected with the virus, what is going to happen to you if the vaccine doesn’t work? It means if the vaccine doesn’t seriously or fatally harm you, the infection will.

It means if you are black, you have a better chance of dying as one of the COVID Guinean pigs. We’ve seen this movie before. It is a horror movie that we should not allow to be replayed or rewound.

While the NFL runs propaganda about how they care about Black Life, they are still actively blackballing Eric Reid (@E_Reid35) for fighting for the Black community. Eric set 2 franchise records last year, and is one of the best defensive players in the league.

Someone tell me why exactly this census thing is still needed when it's plain to see that the U.S. government already tracks every single person living in this country and already has all the information requested on the census form. In fact, in my state, it's possible for anyone anywhere to look up my voter record, which actually has more information on it than the census even needs.
In America, everyone counts. And the # is how that great promise is kept. Respond today online, by phone or by mail and help inform hundreds of billions in funding for education, health programs, and more. Shape your future. Start here at

The voter suppression by the Democratic Party is really getting out of control.

Democrats know full well that about half of green party voters would not vote but for the green party being on the presidential ballot. Trying to keep the Green Party off the ballot is an attempt to stop those people from voting.

It is voter suppression.

Biden supports maintaining the military industrial complex, the profiteering of healthcare, and the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Despite differences in vanity rhetoric, Trump & Biden are both on team capitalism.

# #

African/Black people are being told to make a choice between the right-wing, white supremacist Trump forces & right-wing, white supremacist neoliberal democrats. But some of us come out of a tradition that says we fight both. We don't make choice between the fox and the wolf!

Looks very good. Gonna grab the stable release for my @ChunkHost servers as soon as it's available. My new independent federated social site is running on an ISPConfig enabled chunk.

Join the movement by opening your account at
Since igniting the # Movement, to # is an act of protesting discriminatory practices. This form of activism sends a message to Black Americans and our allies. Here we list how the movement impacts historical change! #…
BankBlack: A Form of Activism

There needs to be more outrage that the two parties are playing with the lives of the people & not passing more relief from the corona economic depression. 8.4% unemployment is a lie. State & local govts are being forced to cut critical services & people are suffering.

It depends on what @Twitter thinks is misinformation. I believe in freedom of expression, and I don't think any corporate entity should be telling us what to think. This is why I have joined the fully independent federated social site at Talkabout. It's one of thousands of similar sites, so pick the one you like most.
Twitter has announced a new policy that will allow the social media giant to remove or label tweets that are intended to undermine the U.S. election. $TWTR


Joe Biden hasn’t opened a single office in a swing state. His website’s volunteer info is outdated by six months.

But liberals are not mad at him. They are mad at leftists for demanding he adopt the most popular health care plan in the country.

A wretchedly cucked existence.

It's Friday! Our grassroots campaign depends on the donations of working people like you to grow, hire staff, continue our legal battles for ballot access and grow the party by developing organizers and leaders!

Donate today at


It doesn't take a Russian agent, or any spy for that matter, to discredit @Joe Biden . His record speaks for itself loud and clear. If @Donald J. Trump is bad for America, Biden is far worse.
Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani worked with an “active Russian agent” to discredit Joe Biden…
Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Worked With an “Active Russian Agent” to Discredit Joe Biden

Joe's Bros are desperate.

They're attacking Susan Sarandon for merely understanding why many progressives and socialists won't support the Democratic nominee.

Find out why:
Howie Hawkins’ Platform Summary

Communism: gives the people bread and fish, to each according to their needs, asking nothing in return.

Capitalism: Fuck that, pay me or die hungry.

People need to understand that the Green New Deal isn't a utopian goal that you can negotiate down from, it's a last ditch attempt to save the planet from catastrophe
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