Listen black people, do NOT become a guinea pig or a lab monkey for the COVID19 vaccine.

The fact that black people die disproportionately relative to COVID19 in terms of the preexisting conditions and preexisting disadvantages, has nothing to do with whether you should volunteer to being used as a COVID19 lab rat.

Leave the testing of the vaccine alone. How are they going to know if the vaccine works unless they deliberately infect you with the virus?

If you know systemic racism has already put us at a health disadvantage; if you know they are not going to know if the vaccine works unless you are infected with the virus, what is going to happen to you if the vaccine doesn’t work? It means if the vaccine doesn’t seriously or fatally harm you, the infection will.

It means if you are black, you have a better chance of dying as one of the COVID Guinean pigs. We’ve seen this movie before. It is a horror movie that we should not allow to be replayed or rewound.

While the NFL runs propaganda about how they care about Black Life, they are still actively blackballing Eric Reid (@E_Reid35) for fighting for the Black community. Eric set 2 franchise records last year, and is one of the best defensive players in the league.

Someone tell me why exactly this census thing is still needed when it's plain to see that the U.S. government already tracks every single person living in this country and already has all the information requested on the census form. In fact, in my state, it's possible for anyone anywhere to look up my voter record, which actually has more information on it than the census even needs.
In America, everyone counts. And the # is how that great promise is kept. Respond today online, by phone or by mail and help inform hundreds of billions in funding for education, health programs, and more. Shape your future. Start here at

The voter suppression by the Democratic Party is really getting out of control.

Democrats know full well that about half of green party voters would not vote but for the green party being on the presidential ballot. Trying to keep the Green Party off the ballot is an attempt to stop those people from voting.

It is voter suppression.

Biden supports maintaining the military industrial complex, the profiteering of healthcare, and the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Despite differences in vanity rhetoric, Trump & Biden are both on team capitalism.

# #

African/Black people are being told to make a choice between the right-wing, white supremacist Trump forces & right-wing, white supremacist neoliberal democrats. But some of us come out of a tradition that says we fight both. We don't make choice between the fox and the wolf!

Looks very good. Gonna grab the stable release for my @ChunkHost servers as soon as it's available. My new independent federated social site is running on an ISPConfig enabled chunk.

Join the movement by opening your account at
Since igniting the # Movement, to # is an act of protesting discriminatory practices. This form of activism sends a message to Black Americans and our allies. Here we list how the movement impacts historical change! #…
BankBlack: A Form of Activism

There needs to be more outrage that the two parties are playing with the lives of the people & not passing more relief from the corona economic depression. 8.4% unemployment is a lie. State & local govts are being forced to cut critical services & people are suffering.

It depends on what @Twitter thinks is misinformation. I believe in freedom of expression, and I don't think any corporate entity should be telling us what to think. This is why I have joined the fully independent federated social site at Talkabout. It's one of thousands of similar sites, so pick the one you like most.
Twitter has announced a new policy that will allow the social media giant to remove or label tweets that are intended to undermine the U.S. election. $TWTR


Joe Biden hasn’t opened a single office in a swing state. His website’s volunteer info is outdated by six months.

But liberals are not mad at him. They are mad at leftists for demanding he adopt the most popular health care plan in the country.

A wretchedly cucked existence.

It's Friday! Our grassroots campaign depends on the donations of working people like you to grow, hire staff, continue our legal battles for ballot access and grow the party by developing organizers and leaders!

Donate today at


It doesn't take a Russian agent, or any spy for that matter, to discredit @Joe Biden . His record speaks for itself loud and clear. If @Donald J. Trump is bad for America, Biden is far worse.
Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani worked with an “active Russian agent” to discredit Joe Biden…
Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Worked With an “Active Russian Agent” to Discredit Joe Biden

Joe's Bros are desperate.

They're attacking Susan Sarandon for merely understanding why many progressives and socialists won't support the Democratic nominee.

Find out why:
Howie Hawkins’ Platform Summary

Communism: gives the people bread and fish, to each according to their needs, asking nothing in return.

Capitalism: Fuck that, pay me or die hungry.

People need to understand that the Green New Deal isn't a utopian goal that you can negotiate down from, it's a last ditch attempt to save the planet from catastrophe

Your vote is an investment. Use it wisely and expect a return.
Voting for nothing makes no sense. They don’t just want your vote. They need your vote.

I repeat by not voting for Trump you remove Trump from office.

By not voting for Biden you prevent him from becoming President.

By voting Green or 3rd party you still remove Trump, prevent Biden from being President, and actually get the person along with their policies and platform you needed all along.

A vote for Green removes Trump and stops Biden. Halting lesser evil voting making way for Rank Choice Voting. Giving us a better chance in 2022 to have more equal representation that by 2024 we could have a multi party government.

This election proves MLK and Malcolm X were right about white liberals and the black bourgeoisie

They care more about order than justice and will shame you into voting for a segregationist that happily destroyed a generation of black families while saying it's for your own good

Poll: Majority of voters don't see either Trump, Biden as mentally fit to be president

Independent politics must be a central component of any real movement for radical change. Check out our campaign ebook that looks at the history and the necessity of building an independent left party.

Get your copy at


@grumpybirdieS I'm voting for policies, and right now the Green Party is the only progressive party. Howie will get my vote, we could get that % up this election. Then better things for future elections. The left wing is not dead, many will vote Green.

AZTech meeting
Starts:  Friday September 11, 2020 @ 2:00 PM
Finishes:  Friday September 11, 2020 @ 4:00 PM
We are going to watch/listen to a descriptive audio movie for the support group! Even if you can see the screen, you will be able to enjoy the movie with the audio descriptions. I hope you will join us.

Prior to the support group- grab your movie popcorn, candy, and drinks and find a comfy chair!
Kyle 🎢 attends.

"It just feels messed up. It’s like you just can’t do what you want to do when you’re Black. Like even if you are doing right, they look at things to find out…to make it so you are doing something wrong."…

When you visit Biden’s “Organizing Tool Kit” - - and click on “Direct Voter Contact Virtual Phonebank Guide,” you’re taken to an old doc about how to persuade primary voters and caucus goers. (2/6)

“You must show them that you’re capable of not voting for them....I worked in the Democratic party. I didn’t have to listen to anything on the left because they had nowhere to go.”

If @JoeBiden & @DNC don’t listen to us then they’re not getting our votes.

Hey Greens let's keep pushing for @HowieHawkins and @AngelaNWalker, they are feeling the pressure and are now focusing their attacks on us. We are raising our grassroots movement back to its glory! 💚💪✊👊👷🔥🌻😀

[/share][share author='Luis F. 🌹🌻 #GoGreen 🇵🇷 🇺🇸 🦺' profile='' avatar='' link='' posted='2020-09-10 07:56:06']Hey Greens let's keep pushing for @HowieHawkins and @AngelaNWalker, they are feeling the pressure and are now focusing their attacks on us. We are raising our grassroots movement back to its glory! 💚💪✊👊👷🔥🌻😀

Tired of the yakety yak ? Don't go back! #


If we vote Dem/GOP, our vote tells them we want more:

Bank Bailouts
Police brutality
Tax cuts for 1%
No health care
Cut SS, Medicare
Private prisons

Once elected, Dems/GOP will give us EXACTLY what we voted for.
Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker, Greens for President and Vice President

As Mexico's Supreme Court decides if the new copyright law (imported from our DMCA) is unconstitutional, read the 22-year history of how US digital copyright law has undermined human rights here. #…


Tired of the yakety yak ? Don't go back! #

In many states, writing in anyone not running is counted as a "spoiled ballot" & tossed.

If I go thru the trouble of driving to my polling place, wait in line to vote, I want my vote to COUNT to send a msg the DNC hears LOUDLY & CLEARLY, I’m voting 3rd party

DNC hates 3rd party


While @JoeBiden pretends he'll rejuvenate U.S. manufacturing, his campaign is privately assuring the Wall Street titans who've benefited from offshoring....

"This is just an exercise to keep the @ewarren people happy, and don’t read too much into it.’”…

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Great thread. I think about this stuff a lot. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord... these are not serving us well and in many ways hurting us. We need open-source, encrypted, decentralized platforms tailored to specific use cases and suited to spontaneous, organic organizing.

Democrats wouldn't even support a 10% cut in military budget, yet once elected we are told that democrats will be responsive to demands from public. But 62% of public supported cutting the military & 87% of democrats support Medicare for all - but Biden said he would veto it.
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