How can I get my free widget? Well, all you have to do is tell us what widget you want and pay for it. It's that simple. Wait ... didn't you say it was free? Of course. Just pay for a bunch of stuff you don't want and we'll give you your free widget. # #
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Snowflake means that everyone can help people exercise their freedom of expression anywhere in the world, and it takes no technical knowledge to run.…

πŸ‘‰ #SaitaLogistics πŸš’βœˆοΈπŸš›πŸ“¦ is a new utility for #Saitama that can revolutionize the logistics industry by using AI to help send and receive packages and cargo by air, land or sea. It’s not a token, it’s a new technology coming to #SaitaPro to make our ecosystem stronger.

It seems that @PayPal won't be stealing money from users after all for posting what they believe is harmful or misinformation. But should this take them off the hook? How far is too far? Seems they were banking on people not reading the ToS. # #
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Head's up, 🧡's up: We have been receiving calls about water bills being higher than normal. This is likely due to the annual stormwater fee that appears on this month's bill. There is a way to prorate this fee over 12 months. More on that further down...

Wow! Just saw my first @tingFTW bill. Amount due: $0.00! Sign up using my link and save $25. Your first bill could look like mine. #

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Drink some coffee, have a good day
Durham, NC

I produced and filmed this new [Playlist] Lofi music to start your day l 17 Minutes playlist l good mus... via @YouTube

And the best of the lot! If you haven’t seen it, you're in for a real treat..

No. 880 of #: Nicole Bus (@Thenicolebus)
Nicole Bus at the Tiny Desk

PSA: coffee tastes best however you enjoy it

Gonna have to go with d, l and q. I use the pour-over device, the kettle and the grinder every day. Can't coffee without them.

Which three do you choose? 🧐
Text reads, "you can only keep three..." A: espresso machine B: Turkish coffee pot C: scale D: grinder E: autodrip F: weiss distribution tool G: tamp H: Hyperchiller I: french press J: manual espresso maker K: cold brewer L: pour over device M: nanopresso N: aeropress O: tricolate brewer P: milk steaming jug Q: kettle R: moka pot S: chemex


Pencils down. We’re giving away $125K for #. One insanely lucky person will win $25K. And we’ll be spreading out the remaining $100K among 600 very fortunate followers. Follow @CashApp and QRT with your $cashtag for a chance to win.

Durham, NC

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Jt mastodon (AP)
I wrote a listacle of great # movies with Black # / # actors -

The most telling part of this is "congressional commission has discovered." If they would do the job we pay them for, they would have discovered this long ago. But I guess I already knew our government was nothing but a bunch of racist asswipes, all branches, both major parties.

A Ku Klux Klan plaque is affixed to the entrance of the United States Military Academy's science center at West Point, a congressional commission has discovered.

This is the time of year when the annual Stormwater Utility Fee appears on water utility bills (see image below). To switch from an annual fee to a pro-rated monthly fee contact Durham One Call at 919-560-1200. What does this fee do? Well...

Image of City of Durham Water Utility Bill with red underlining and circling of the location of the stormwater utility fee on the bill.

Great! So make me pay for more commercials. While I do see the benefits of Amazon Prime, this Disney crap just stinks. I mean Prime gives us grocery delivery, free shipping, much more, not just some discounted merch I don’t really want and all the extra ads to go with it.

Report: Disney+ to Offer In-App Shopping

It's one thing to pay property taxes and abide by the law. It's another thing entirely to have to put up with additional restrictions and fees imposed by a private entity. So glad we didn’t get ourselves into a mess like this.

Moving into an HOA neighborhood? We’ve got 10 common HOA restrictions you should know about before you buy.

Starting September 30, US wireless carriers will require special registration of "toll-free" numbers or they will block texts. This proves what I've known for many years. FREE does not mean SPAM, and scammers will gladly pay more for magically trustworthy names and numbers.
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This unnamed company boasts transparency and no fine print or misleading promos. But is it as transparent as it claims to be?

LOL nice one ...
"no surprise fees, misleading promos, no fine print."
From the fine print they say they don't have:
"National Plans are provided primarily for continuous live dialog between two individuals. Unusual call patterns, excessive conferencing or call forwarding, excessive numbers and/or consistent excessive usage will be considered indicators of non-residential use."
This is just one example of such fairly ambiguous terms. So just for starters, if I get a lot of calls that are forwarded to voicemail, that could be deemed excessive, and my account could be terminated or my plan changed. So much for no fine print and total transparency. Well, the person I'm shopping for doesn't really talk much, so this fine print may not be such a problem. There is something about excessive tethering as well, complete with an account review if they find it excessive, but maybe that could be less of a problem seeing as how tethering isn't used much. Still, there is the residential, non-commercial clause near the top, which would indicate that if you go live and ask for a donation or similar, they could deem that non-residential and commercial usage. They do have real humans though, so maybe we can ask someone for help understanding all this fine print they don't want us to know about in the name of transparency. Thing is I simply can't stand companies who claim transparency and then bury those little gotchas in the fine print they told us doesn't exist.
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My Firts Story Here

i eat too healthy now and waffle house destroyed my stomach. yes, i devoured the all star special two days in a row :/

Other: Story

Quality coffee requires quality coffee β˜•οΈ

Venn diagram with "quality at origin" on one side, "quality roasting" on the other, and "the perfect cup" in the middle.

August is National Black Business Month! Check out this list of 100+ Durham Black-owned businesses to support this month and all year long πŸ–€

LOL I love these so-called budgeting apps that claim to lower my bills and cancel unwanted subscriptions while making me pay another bill for another unwanted subscription, which I’m sure covers their ad budget.
Kyle πŸŽ™ 🎢 friendica (via Twitter)
Lowering bills does take some work, and usually means shopping for the best service for the best price, but it still costs nothing. Many utilities don’t have choices, and there's not much to be done for groceries these days except cash back and things like that.
Kyle πŸŽ™ 🎢 friendica (via Twitter)
Still, none of this should cost money. It sure makes gobs of sense to pay a bill to lower bills, or the other new trend, paying yet another bill for what is essentially a savings account. I see lots of these now as well.

Happy Birthday to the inventor of television, Philo T. Farnsworth. πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ Any #Futurama fans out there? Born August 19, 1906 Philo T. Farnsworth is said to be a distant ancestor of Professor Farnsworth πŸ™ƒ


Our wallet has gotten a bit thin these days. So we had to combat its starvation. We'll have to lose some TV subscriptions, and then there's this big phone bill we found how to trim down a lot. Sign up with @tingFTW using my link and save $25 #

Wow somebody gets it. I've told people for years that the free beer always has a price. I still have friends who don't get it. Odd I'm just finding out about these guys as I try to curb my wallet's weight loss.
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Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. -Joshua 1:9

# #


Can anyone explain how the MVNO is supposed to work? In theory it doesn't even make sense. How could I sell you cookies I didn't bake for a lower price than the baker? Why would they let me undercut their prices? Or am I selling their rejects? second-hand cookies ... πŸ’© πŸ˜‚
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Eyes up here. We’re giving away $10,000 for #. Follow @CashApp and QRT with your $cashtag for a chance to win $500 or $100.

Wonderful news! Congrats!

We’re excited to announce that M&F Bank has received an $80 million investment from the U.S. Treasury as part of the Emergency Capital Investment Program (#). Learn more:…
An image of a Black femme-presenting person, smiling at the camera. Text reads, "M&F Bank received $80 million to reinvest in local communities." with an M&F Bank logo at the bottom.

I see several apps that round up purchases to save or invest money. Many claim to bring the "change jar" into the 21st century. But using the same analogy, a robber will come in and steal anywhere from $3 to $10 out of my change jar each month. My bank doesn't steal from me like this.
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Good morning!

Hope you have a good day and great coffee β˜€οΈ
Durham, NC

Howl out loud, #. The wait for # is over! Download yours now in Google Play: (iOS version soon) and join our movement to make DeFi safer and easier for everyone. # # # #

Great coffee deserves to be skillfully brewed β˜•οΈ

Whether you’re making coffee for a cafe or for your kitchen table, we’ve got a class for youβ†’…

Photo of an espresso machine that says, "Counter Culture"
Photo of a shot being poured and weighed on a scale.

Farewell to a fine woman. RIP Nichelle. You were a groundbreaker.

I actually haven’t had access to my tokens from there in several months. Fortunately I started with another wallet and imported my seed phrase. Glad I won’t be losing anything.

Hi, #. From July 31st, SaitaMask is not going to be available anymore. So, make sure you have your seed phrase (write it down) to access your tokens in other wallets. Never share your seed phrase with anyone! Beware of scams. # # #

Actually this is how American politics work. We do have an emperor, even though the face of that emperor changes every 4 to 8 years. The Fortune 500 is the real emperor here, no matter the president.

Biden says he will rule@[url=]Π–Ρ‹Π²Π΅ Π‘Π΅Π»Π°Ρ€ΡƒΡΡŒ![/url] Executive order, so…
No more checks and balances between the 3 branches of Government… America should realize they elected an Emperor not a President…

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