I honestly never thought that I would be writing this. It's a follow-up to my post just over a month ago, and it's truly unbelievable!

"Wow! My all-time favorite musician has heard me sing! 🤩 🎶 This is a dream come true for me, and I know that this is only the beginning! Thank you God for all that You do and for all that You are!"

And so the dreams just keep coming true. That post was written because I was one of a sizeable number of people who submitted short works to win a producer kit. Well, I submitted mine not to win anything, only to be heard by my favorite artist, and I was heard, which in itself was beyond belief. Now fast forward to today, and I find out that I was selected as one of only two winners. Seems that my all-time favorite musician not only heard me sing, but loved what she heard. I also got "a special code for a special winner" worth 50% off the Toolbox for Artists that I posted here earlier. And to top it all off, the rough draft recording of the song whose verses I wrote using her samples and her chorus has also been heard as of today. God is good, and He just keeps on blessing! I am forever grateful to Him for all He has done, and for the future He is laying out for me.

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