Attention all blind and visually impaired #voters in North Carolina: As of a few moments ago, it has become possible to cast your absentee #ballot in a completely accessible way. It uses the same tools many registered voters will use to request a mail-in ballot. Just go to the North Carolina absentee ballot portal and push the continue button under the top section, the same way you would request a printed ballot by mail. Only once you look up your voter record and begin filling out the request form, you will add an email address and tick the checkbox that indicates that you need an accessible ballot. If you have already requested a printed ballot, as long as you haven't returned it, you can still submit a request for an accessible ballot. Once your request form is submitted, you will get an email letting you know when your accessible ballot is available. You can go back to the same portal to mark your ballot at that point, but you will use the third continue button under the section that will tell you that you can mark an accessible ballot if you have requested one and it is ready. This could take several days to be processed, so go ahead and submit your request. You will need to have a witness present according to North Carolina law, but they do not need to see or mark your ballot for you, and they can be blind or visually impaired as well. The ballot instructions will tell you the requirements for your witness. Primarily they must be at least 18 and must not be an employee of a care facility or an elected official, unless they are a close relative .., but the exact and correct information is in the portal. This is a game changer for North Carolina, and perhaps for the rest of the country as well, especially in light of the pandemic. Special thanks to Disability Rights NC for helping to make this a reality.

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