Not sure how this didn't get on here, but here it is. The amazing package I won from Nicole Bus arrived a week ago yesterday! It was well worth the wait! In the box was a pair of studio monitors, a USB microphone with tripod stand, a very nice pop filter that surrounds the microphone in a foam covering, a pair of headphones that can be used with a wire or with bluetooth with ambiant passthrough and active noise cancellation and a USB midi controller keyboard. I recall saying that I felt like a major part of my future was in this box, and it seems I was right.

One thing I did not share on my other social media channels is that the headphones are especially prophetic and make a tangible musical connection for me. It seems that my favorite artist of all time (Nicole) sent me top-of-the-line headphones that bear the name of my favorite artist of all time before her (Prince.). So now there is a tangible musical connection between me and my top two favorite musicians of all time that I can use for everything from my paying polling job to my home studio to casual use on the computer or out and about connected to my phone. And of course, the very first voice heard through both the headphones and the monitor speakers was the voice of the musician who sent me all this awesome gear ... for a song ... literally. My deep heart-felt endless gratitude to Nicole, and more importantly to God for sending me all these life-changing blessings, can barely be expressed in words.

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