Our current #phone service #provider not long ago took pride in its ability to offer excellent #CustomerService. But a couple of months ago when I called them instead of hold music followed by a live #human voice, I was told by a #recorded voice to press 2. Just a month ago when I called them, I was greeted by a recorded #menu with two options followed by the required press of the number 2, and after the hold music, which fortunately did only run less than a minute, I heard a human voice whose second language is mine, already a contrast from the three to four times before that when I was greeted by a human voice who spoke my language natively. Now ... well, they are experiencing an internal system issue, but my service should not be affected. Except we just had two phones in the same house with the same provider that had to be restarted in order to make or receive calls. My attempt to call the customer service that just a few short months ago was a point of pride for the company greeted me with the "internal system issue," and a friend who has service with the same provider told me that this internal system issue has now gone unresolved for two weeks. The problem is that we need to be able to keep our bill low, and we don't want any gotchas in a provider's #TermsAndConditions or their #AcceptableUsePolicies, which actually are the things that you can't do with what you pay for, and this was one of only about two to three providers like this that I was able to find. So I guess I go #OnTheHunt again, researching just as thoroughly as I did about 6 months ago. I did say at that time when we had to leave our previous provider in order to get our costs down that I no longer had any brand loyalty at that point. Damn it to hell though, I did want to keep this one just a little longer. Everything was right ... until it wasn't. And that's how things go I guess. Back to the drawing board with the phone thing it seems. Thing is that about the only thing left to us is TextNow, and it is all in an app, and doesn't offer the high audio quality we've come to expect from #VoLTE. They also have this odd thing with #data, where they have monthly plans that include a certain fast data usage allocation, and there is no way to add to it or just purchase 1GB allocations or similar. We would pretty much have to just pick what we think we may need and get stuck with it for the month ... or just use wifi, which would of course cost us nothing. They did fix their reliability issues at least here about 4 months ago so that calls and messages all seem to come in reliably now, so there's that. But I did still want to keep using my KaiPhone, for which they have no compatible app sadly.
Planet earth

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