The more I look at this paid domain name shit, the more I see the scam. Anything you could possibly want is either taken or is priced higher than a pastor addicted to Rolex. Anything reasonable is a subdomain that should be free. And some even tell me I can make an offer, and a professional scammer ... I mean broker will try to grab it from someone else for me. Man I sure do hope Freenom gets its new registration problems fixed. They were the only reasonable registrar available, unless you wanted something with 3 letters or less before the top level. Otherwise, the price of $0 was the same for everyone, with few exceptions. I have all my names registered through them, including and others, with similar names unavailable or at truly exorbitant prices anywhere else, I'm talking in the hundreds to thousands of dollars each year, more than I pay for all my servers combined, higher than my light bill and water bill, higher than all my utilities all at once, just for a namespace on the internet. #scam #ripoff #ShouldBeIllegal #DontTheyKnowBetter
Planet earth

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