I finally got my 2020 Census questionnaire completed, but that website is a hot mess. First, like it's 2005 or something, they tell me "For best results, use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari." Internet Explorer? Really? The fuck? It actually surprised me just a little that they didn't tell me to use Netscape Navigator. I only have Firefox and Chromium, which is the open source Chrome installed, although I could use Epiphany or Midori if I thought they could work. So I started the questions with Firefox, which is my primary browser for most non-work-related stuff, and it is supposed to be compatible with the website. Wouldn't you know, just over halfway through, I get a message that says "For security reasons, this session was terminated. Every response is important. Please try again using another browser or device." So I figured I was maybe taking too long to fill out the questionnaire and started over, rushing through the questions this time, although still doing my best to be sure that everything was correct. Same problem, but just under halfway through this time. Yeah, they stopped me earlier than they did the first time. So on to Chromium, which is the browser I use for work, where I get stopped again at the same place, just under the halfway point, with the same message. The fuck? How could my response be so important that they don't really want it after all? So with only a day left to complete my census info, I had to say fuck it and just respond over the phone. Fortunately I was able to speak to someone fairly quickly, and now my household is officially legal for the next 10 years, assuming we even have a planet left by then.

The one sticking point for me personally has always been the race question. I never answer that one anywhere, or at least I check the box that says "other" or similar, and the last time I had to go somewhere and fill out the census questionnaire in 2010, I think I did it at the public library, and the person who helped me fill out the questionnaire just wrote in what I look like, which of course is the same thing they did on my voter registration. Not at all what I wanted then, not at all what I want now. Fortunately, the representative told me I could in fact refuse the question, which I did. It came to me a little too late though that instead of refusing, I should have simply answered with "some other race" and had "non-conforming" written in the box next to it. After all, I can certainly say that I am racially non-conforming, which is probably the way I will answer that question in 2030, assuming anyone is here to care. I guess maybe I should have done this over the phone much earlier, but now I don't have this thing hanging over my head anymore, which is the good part I guess. I probably should see what I can do to fix my voter registration now, since I really don't want that question filled in the way it is there either. They still have to let me vote I would think, unless maybe I should wait until after the election to try to change that, since a pending change may cause my ballot to be rejected. If there's any chance of that at all, I guess I'll just need to wait.

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