Importing the entirety of my blog going all the way back to September 2009 is now quite easy, but I still look for the right software to use

Sadly it looks as though Chyrp Lite can't work for my blog either, and this is unrelated to my import from Tumblr into and subsequent export of my media and xml file from to my computer. There were some obvious problems with the import to, but those problem seem to be easy to fix; apparently either Tumblr or WordPress stripped source tags out of my HTML audio players, but those are trivial to add back into the xml feed. One problem I see with Chyrp Lite itself though. Although comments and likes are enabled, I can only see the number of comments and likes a post has, which tells me that all my imported posts have 0 comments and no likes yet, but I am not able to actually like a post or write a comment. It seems the buttons for those functions are hidden or malfunctioning, as I can't see them even when I set my view in Firefox to show no page styling. I can see JavaScript in the source of the page that should be allowing likes to be toggled and comments to be written, but nothing is being shown. As with all my other odd issues with various blogging software, my error log is again quite devoid of any explanation, or even so much as a hint that any error ever occurred. I did see that there is a link at the top of every page to email me. I was a little worried when I saw that, as I thought that bots may try to scrape me for nefarious purposes, but it does appear that my email address is obfuscated in the source of the page, so this shouldn't be a huge problem.

If not for the comment and like problem, Chyrp Lite would be my chosen blog software, as once I got everything imported, it really does look nice and feel snappy, even though it doesn't seem to be properly creating the archive from imported posts, but that is something else I can probably overlook for now. I can write in Markdown with no fuss and no difficulties whatsoever, no complicated blocks or any other fancy stuff, I can just write from anywhere, even my phone if that's what I choose to do. Even the default included extensions are really easy to use and get going, although most do need to be enabled from the dashboard, as they are disabled by default. Still, this is lovely software that is a joy to use, except the critical showstopper I mention, comments and likes not working at all. If I can resolve this one thing, it will be just right. But for now, since I have exactly what I need to import every post I made since September of 2009 into just about any software available, I will keep trying to find what works best for me, although I will keep looking for Chyrp Lite updates, hoping that my problem will be fixed there. Now to report the bug somehow in a way that doesn't require that I get an account with Microsoft.
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