OMG I just figured out what was going wrong with Chyrp Lite, and I really love it now!

Several things. My showstopping like and comment problems have been fixed! It was simply a matter of permissions. Seems even admins don't get the permission to add or edit comments or like posts by default. Looks like guests may not even get permission to view pages by default. Checked those boxes and all is right as rain. And visitors who aren't registered get a simple math problem to solve before they can leave comments. This is excellent indeed!

Now for the archive issue. I thought my archive wasn't getting created properly after importing my WordPress xml. NOt so at all. I have the complete archive, and of course I already knew my blog would be searchable, so there is nothing to overlook until an update comes around, all is as expected, clean and simple.

My only real gripe at this point, and it's certainly not a showstopper by any stretch, is that I don't get an email notification when someone leaves a comment. Since I still do want to pass it through moderation for a review, just in case a bot somehow gets past the Maptcha plugin, it would be very helpful if I could see an email letting me know that someone left a comment so that I can take fairly quick action to let it through or to delete it. In any case, this comment system, although it's not threaded, really is not bad. As the administrator I was even able to give the admin group permission to edit comments, in case I want to shame the bot that put it there. Go me!

The conclusion: I have found my new blog software! It's simple, it's clean, the developers make it known right near the top of the website that they use W3C approved accessibility standards for screen reader users and others who need assistive technologies, and it's very flexible and customizable, even allowing for the choice of MySQL/MariaDB, Postgresql or Sqlite3 for the back-end database. This is so darn fast with SQLite3 that I don't think I'll be changing that initial choice I made. In any case, I will still likely export every week or so for backup purposes, as I do like having things in several places. But since my new hosting panel works as well as it does making backups, that may not be necessary either, though it's not at all a hard thing to do. Now to be sure I don't have any more problem posts to fix up from the old Tumblr and WordPress sites, and I can delete that account that I used to get my initial portable Tumblr backup as well.
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