This unnamed company boasts transparency and no fine print or misleading promos. But is it as transparent as it claims to be?

LOL nice one ...
"no surprise fees, misleading promos, no fine print."
From the fine print they say they don't have:
"National Plans are provided primarily for continuous live dialog between two individuals. Unusual call patterns, excessive conferencing or call forwarding, excessive numbers and/or consistent excessive usage will be considered indicators of non-residential use."
This is just one example of such fairly ambiguous terms. So just for starters, if I get a lot of calls that are forwarded to voicemail, that could be deemed excessive, and my account could be terminated or my plan changed. So much for no fine print and total transparency. Well, the person I'm shopping for doesn't really talk much, so this fine print may not be such a problem. There is something about excessive tethering as well, complete with an account review if they find it excessive, but maybe that could be less of a problem seeing as how tethering isn't used much. Still, there is the residential, non-commercial clause near the top, which would indicate that if you go live and ask for a donation or similar, they could deem that non-residential and commercial usage. They do have real humans though, so maybe we can ask someone for help understanding all this fine print they don't want us to know about in the name of transparency. Thing is I simply can't stand companies who claim transparency and then bury those little gotchas in the fine print they told us doesn't exist.
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