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Every account on here has a unique Fediverse account address, it's written on profile pages underneath the username.

If you want someone to follow you on here, give them your account address.

To follow someone else's address, paste it into the search box and click search. This will make their profile appear.

Click here for more info and examples:


You can also follow non-Mastodon Fediverse addresses, for example you can paste PeerTube and Pixelfed addresses too.
Screenshot of a Mastodon profile with the Fediverse account address highlighted.
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Trude mastodon (AP)
what does my account address say about me? I just picked one that sounded fun and went with. Is there more I should be considering?
@Trude @Fedi.Tips Your account address can say as much or as little about you as you want it to say. For complete control, you could run your own server on the domain of your choice. Otherwise, just pick what sounds good to you, as you have done. The difference here in the #fediverse is that you have two parts to your account address rather than only one part. So really, choosing your full account address is just like choosing an email address for yourself. The important thing is that you like it.

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