Blogging woes continue

And here I thought a Tumblr import either into Chyrp Lite or WordPress would be so simple even a caveman could do it. Boy was I wrong! The migration assistant built into Chyrp Lite is easy enough, but it gave me unexplainable errors. But apparently all it was supposed to need was my Tumblr URL. Looking at the WordPress importer, I saw that it needed a lot more. This was perfectly fine, as I planned to import my Tumblr into WordPress, then move that into Chyrp Lite, as it appears it has everything I need baked right in, and so far it's much much faster. Imagine my surprise when I go into my Tumblr account and see that I already registered an app called "The Kyle File," but that it pointed to the wrong domain. Still I thought I would go ahead and register a new app to get an authorization key. So I completed the process and I got my key. But then when I tried to copy and paste the authorization signature key and the secret key issued by Tumblr into my WordPress importer, Wouldn't you know, it didn't like that key either. It told me it didn't match the expected value. BUT TUMBLR GAVE ME THE KEYS! So I edited the app I already had and gave it the correct email and URL, and copied and pasted the keys to the original app registration. Same old error. Authorization signature doesn't match the expected value. There are a couple of things to do now. I can either import the posts I have one at a time into Chyrp Lite, especially since I was able to back up the entirety of my Tumblelog, all 9.5MB of it, but that would be a chore and a half that could take days, or I can just put the lot of the HTML files into Nikola and be happy with a static site that will be online for the next 50 years, but will have no comments, as I will certainly not use Microsoft Github issues, Disqus, Facebook or any other 3rd-party hosted comment system.
Planet earth

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