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I see several apps that round up purchases to save or invest money. Many claim to bring the "change jar" into the 21st century. But using the same analogy, a robber will come in and steal anywhere from $3 to $10 out of my change jar each month. My bank doesn't steal from me like this.
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Good morning!

Hope you have a good day and great coffee โ˜€๏ธ
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Great coffee deserves to be skillfully brewed โ˜•๏ธ

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Photo of an espresso machine that says, "Counter Culture"
Photo of a shot being poured and weighed on a scale.

Farewell to a fine woman. RIP Nichelle. You were a groundbreaker.

I actually havenโ€™t had access to my tokens from there in several months. Fortunately I started with another wallet and imported my seed phrase. Glad I wonโ€™t be losing anything.

Hi, #. From July 31st, SaitaMask is not going to be available anymore. So, make sure you have your seed phrase (write it down) to access your tokens in other wallets. Never share your seed phrase with anyone! Beware of scams. # # #

Actually this is how American politics work. We do have an emperor, even though the face of that emperor changes every 4 to 8 years. The Fortune 500 is the real emperor here, no matter the president.

Biden says he will rule@[url=]ะ–ั‹ะฒะต ะ‘ะตะปะฐั€ัƒััŒ![/url] Executive order, soโ€ฆ
No more checks and balances between the 3 branches of Governmentโ€ฆ America should realize they elected an Emperor not a Presidentโ€ฆ


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Channel Comfort with Philo ๐Ÿ‘‰

Way cool! Got my primary phone set up on the national do not call registry. Seems they allowed me to register my new 877 number as well, which is a bit surprising actually. It won't stop scammers, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.
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Cold calling people trying to get them to sell their homes? Really, how's that working out for ya? I bet you get hung up on, cussed out, maybe a lot worse. It's time to rethink your strategy. I hear social media advertising is big these days. Don't call me, I'll call you.
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If anyone representing Brinks ever comes to your house to sell you a security system, they are predatory salespeople and are not to be trusted.

I'm already suspicious of anyone coming to my house trying to sell me something. But when I ask for a price and the hemming and hawing starts, and names, phone numbers and email addresses are taken without a definite pricing structure, finally ending up with a price that is almost twice what I'm paying now and then I'm still told that I'll pay a lower price than what was told to me once I do finally get a real price, with the promise that my existing service if upgraded will cost far more than their service, they get their ass handed to them on a paper plate. And if they call or email me, so help me God I will indeed get the police and the courts involved. The answer is no. This man lost his sale, he lost his argument, and I misplaced any respect I may have had for him or his company.

Once he did get my name, phone number and email along with my wife's name and phone number, he finally told me the monthly price for service would be $49, which automatically gets converted in my mind to $50, then he turned right around and told me the company I work with now will charge me $60 to $70, telling me that Brinks will only charge me $40/month, yeah, that's right, $40 in the next breath after he just said $50. And then he still tried to sell me his craptacular alarm system even after I told him in no uncertain terms a flat out no and confronted him with his predatory sales tactics, asking him to leave three times, and then he still did not leave until I threatened to call the police. Yes sir, I did call the company I already deal with, and they told me they would only charge me just under $40, and I never said anything at all about the person who came to my door until after they gave me their price for an upgrade of my existing system. And the best part of it all was the reaction from my existing alarm company's representative after she gave me the price and she asked me who came to my house and I then mentioned the name Brinks. That sighed "oh" alone was priceless, as it conveyed something to the effect of "I know what they must have put you through."

If you're in or near the Triangle area in North Carolina and are in need of a home security system, I will not hesitate to recommend Alarm Man. The worst problems we ever had with their sistem were a dead battery that I was able to replace myself and a wire getting somehow pulled out from the plug in the wall, which was fixed just by putting it back under its screw and tightening it. Yeah, that one made quite a noise, which is very good considering it definitely should do that if someone really is tampering with it. The monitoring service has been everything we need, and the customer service is outstanding. They even called us at one point when the power was out for an extended period, just checking to be sure all was well. And I think the upgrades we want will be reasonably priced. The service package we want will undercut the quote I just got from Brinks' predatory salesman, and we're month-to-month customers, so there's no contract or anything that we can get stuck in. They even offer an annual prepayment that gives us a bit of a discount if we want to go that route.

All I can say is just don't trust door-to-door alarm salespeople, especially not Brinks. Shoo them away before they either trap you or make your ugly come out.
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It appears I've now lost access to Hangouts, and @Google still hasn't fixed Chat notifications. I have a space that should notify me of every new message, but I only hear the sound for the first new message in the space until I dismiss it. Chat in Gmail better work.
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Make sure not to lose your head on the dance floor this # ๐Ÿ•บ
Track ID โ–บ @MerkandKremont x @TOMANDJAME - Big Trouble

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So theyโ€™re making my birthday CashApp Day. I expect huuuuuuuge giftz to my CashApp on CashApp Day! $4Kyle

Update: Cash App Day (a real day) is now July 6th.

Weโ€™ll still be giving away a lot of stock, bitcoin, cash, etc. Itโ€™s just on a new day.

Plan accordingly

Found out the 123 voicemail on @Figgers Wireless works with a visual voicemail app. It's called myVoicemail by Plintron. I can't get vm's in my email or missed call alerts, but I can record greetings and download vm's. It's not great, but it's nice on our backup line.
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Looking for a new free visual voicemail app in the U.S. in 2022, here are my findings

FOr years my family and I have relied on YouMail to organize our voicemail messages into an easy-to-use app, and in many cases, to send them to an email as well. But unfortunately, although they recently increased the number of transcribed messages each month from 10 to 20, over the past 3 and a half months they have started quietly giving many of their core features upsell status, meaning that without warning, they have started disabling features that we have relied upon for years and putting "Upgrade" buttons on them. I sent them a message about this, and their response indicated that they could have done better to let us know that they were making these changes. But since then they have done more upselling without warning involving more features that we had been using for some time. So with this in mind, it's time to move on and look for alternatives.

As I write this, it appears that only 5 free alternatives to YouMail can be used for voicemail. These are, in alphabetical order: Fusion Voicemail Plus, Google Voice, InstaVoice, Voxist and Vxt. Over the years, I looked at most of these, and recently have tried them all, as some didn't exist 2 to 3 years ago, some existed, but I was not aware of them, and most if not all have changed since the first time I tried them. These are my findings and my reviews of each of these alternative apps and/or websites.

Fusion Voicemail Plus

I first tried this app and website in I believe 2015, and at that time, the app was good, but the website was just meh, as at that time, it required the now defunct Flash Player in order to play voicemail messages from the web inbox. Now however, the website is greatly improved, and Fusion Voicemail Plus has become one of the best carrier-agnostic fisual voicemail services currently available. The app, once called Visual Voicemail Plus, seems to have disappeared from Google's Play Store at some point within the past 3 or 4 years, but I for one don't consider this to be a disadvantage, as a download link can be sent to any phone via a text message, and voicemails can be retrieved on the website in any browser, in the app on any Android or iOS device, via a call from any phone, and can also be sent to a comma-separated list of email addresses as audio attachments. Push notifications can be set on up to 3 devices, and the app can poll for messages on other devices as well.

The free account can take messages on up to 5 numbers simultaneously, playing the same greeting for all configured source numbers and placing all messages into a unified inbox. These don't even need to be mobile numbers, they only need to support conditional forwarding, e.g. unanswered, unavailable and busy calls get forwarded to their access number, which can also be used to retrieve your voicemail messages from any phone. Of course the unified inbox and same greeting for all numbers behavior can be changed by setting up different accounts for different numbers with different email addresses.

The free account includes 50MB of storage space for voicemail messages and 15MB of storage space for greetings. Uploaded or recorded greetings can be assigned to individual contacts, to groups of numbers separated by commas, or can even be played on a schedule, e.g. "Good Morning ...," "good afternoon ...," "It's Monday ...," etc. It also includes 20 block list entries, but a wildcard block counts as a single entry, so it is possible on the free account to keep a number but take it out of service by using 10 entries to block all callers whose numbers contain 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 0. Personally, I wish I would have known about that feature before I completely dropped my old number, as I did want to keep it on my cell account but retire it, rejecting all calls with an out of service message, but YouMail made that an upsell right when I needed it, and I didn't actually intend to drop the number completely; that was an accident on my part, but it's all good. The fact that this can be done is enough. But the real kicker comes in when it has been determined that these numbers can be blocked and get rejected with the out of service message even if they hide their caller ID. Not only that, but Fusion Voicemail Plus shows the number of a caller who hides their ID in missed call and voicemail alerts, and even greets that caller with a personal greeting you set for that number. No other voicemail service I have tried can do this, and that is what makes it a keeper.

No free transcriptions are available in Fusion Voicemail Plus. If you need free transcriptions, I have a different recommendation for that, since Fusion Voicemail Plus bills monthly for transcription packages. Extra storage is also billed monthly, as are additional block list entries over the free 20. However, there are other paid features that are only charged one time and are usable for the life of the account after the initial payment. The most useful of these is the $5 one-time payment that allows messages up to 5 minutes in length rather than the industry standard 2 minutes, which I need now less than I needed it just a month or two ago, but is still a nice upgrade, especially since it's not a monthly payment. But even without any billing information or any payment at all, Fusion Voicemail Plus is highly useful, and is probably the best available option if you don't need transcriptions.

Google Voice

Well, it's not just a voicemail app, it's pretty much a full phone, but I mention it here because it is in fact possible to use it just for voicemail if that's your thing. It seems Google no longer has the voicemail only functionality where you can use your existing number and forward it to Google. If I read correctly, a Google Voice phone number is now required, even if it is only used to take voicemail messages. The good news is that everything on Google Voice is free, even domestic phone calls, and there is no limit to the number of transcribed voicemail messages. The audio quality of voicemails is a bit meh, and that has not improved since about 2009 when I got my first Google Voice number. However, transcription is really not bad despite the less than stellar audio. It is possible to set custom greetings that certain callers hear, but only 10 greetings can be uploaded, so this functionality is a bit limited compared to other systems. It seems it is also not possible to schedule greetings to play at certain times, so no "Good morning ...," "Good afternoon ..." or "It's Monday ..."Messages can be retrieved using any phone, the website, the app and your Gmail email (I couldn't find a way to have message or missed call alerts sent to a non-Gmail mailbox), and although voicemail message audio can only be downloaded via the website, Google Voice does offer unlimited voicemail storage, so you really don't ever have to delete anything. And this is the biggest con with Google Voice. It requires a Google account, so if you don't have or want one, Google Voice is not for you. It is however the best if you need transcription, as it includes free unlimited transcriptions that show up in the app, on the website and in the email. It can even replace your phone service, since the app can make wifi and mobile data calls over the internet. The only paid feature is international calls.


It's simple voicemail, and it seems reliable. This one only allows messages to be retrieved using the app and sent to one email address, but it does offer unlimited message storage, so you don't have to delete anything. Voicemail messages sent to an email do not include audio attachments, but they do include an HTML5 audio player, and the audio can also be copied from any Android phone running the app, since they get stored in the phone's Documents folder. Their website indicates personalized greetings are available, but it seems that may be something that is no longer working. Perhaps they forgot to change the website. I was able to upload a greeting that would be played, but it involved recording a default greeting and then overwriting the temp file before confirming the recording. I wouldn't recommend a non-geek try it. I like having the ability to do it though. Greetings are allowed to be 15 seconds in length, and can be changed as often as desired. There is no personalized greeting for individual contacts, and no schedule. As I mentioned, it's meant to be simple. The thing that makes InstaVoice stand out is the fact that up to 10 numbers can be linked to a single account at no extra cost. All numbers get the same greeting, and all messages go to the same unified inbox. The disadvantage to this is that although linked numbers can call each other and leave each other messages that show up in the app's unified inbox, messages between linked numbers do not appear in the account email.

InstaVoice does not bill monthly for anything; the only paid feature is transcriptions, which cost 2 credits each, and can be purchased in bundles of 100 or 500 credits that don't expire. Transcriptions are also not automatic, so you don't have to worry about credits running out due to automatic transcriptions, and if you don't want them, you don't have to get them. 5 credits are on every new account for trying out the feature. InstaVoice is probably best for anyone who just wants something simple that works, and who doesn't care about transcriptions, or is willing to pay only for the transcriptions they do want.


Here is another visual voicemail that includes unlimited message storage for an unlimited time. Messages can be sent to one email address using a free account, and Voxist will take messages for one number. Messages are sent as audio attachments to the email and can also be retrieved through the app. There is no web access.

It is worth noting that callers leaving messages will not get do-overs with Voxist, meaning that if they stop speaking, Voxist will just hang up, and it ignores all touchtones, so there is no way to get to any options to replay, rerecord or cancel the message. Once you say something, it's recorded and gets sent to the app and the email. Every stammer, every stutter and every "Oh sh*t" gets sent and stored, and possibly even transcribed.

Only one personalized greeting is available on a free account, but the stand-out feature of Voxist is the written greeting that is spoken using text-to-speech that can contain tags that will greet individual callers by name and other things. It is said that this is a beta feature, so although it's been a beta feature for 3 or 4 years, I can't say how long they'll keep it, but it is a lot of fun for now.

If you want a lot of free transcriptions, Voxist probably won't help, since it only transcribes 10 messages each month for free accounts. They do however show up both in the app and in the email that includes the audio attachment. For reference, 10 transcriptions used to be what was included with the free YouMail account before they increased that number I believe last year. I recommend Voxist to anyone who really doesn't need a lot of messages transcribed, and whose favorite YouMail feature is greeting individual callers by name. It's also good if you want to change up your greeting by changing only a word or two or if you don't want to record your own voice greeting.


Don't bother. This one is probably worse than YouMail. First let me say I don't have a problem with the fact that the default system greeting advertises the service. I do however have a problem with the fact that they tack on their advertising at the end of my custom greeting. Absolutely everything is an upsell, from getting voicemail messages sent to email to disabling their own little advert on the recorded greeting. It does include 5 transcriptions every month, and messages can be heard via a web interface as well as in the app, but those may be its only redeeming qualities.


YouMail was good while it lasted, but unless all you want is their "smart greeting," it's quickly and quietly becoming upsell central. The 5 alternatives above all have their pros and cons. I personally found Fusion Voicemail Plus to be the best for me, but since different people have different needs, the others all have something that will be better suited to someone. For those who need free transcriptions, Google Voice is best, or perhaps sticking with YouMail is still an option, at least for now. For those who would like transcriptions, but don't mind paying for a bundle and hitting a button, InstaVoice is good, since all its other features are free. I also recommend InstaVoice for its simplicity, since it's still a step up from most carriers' voicemail. I still like Voxist for anyone who wants to have fun with text-to-speech technology that can greet individual callers by their name, and unlike YouMail, it will at least try to pronounce every name in your contact list, and will just say nothing if the caller's name isn't in your contact list. Otherwise, if you want a well-made voicemail system that gives you everything but transcriptions, is highly configurable and can send voicemail messages to one or more emails, Fusion is it. Just be sure to download your messages, delete everything you downloaded and keep your trash empty. You don't want callers to get a nasty message about your mailbox being full.
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Old cold brew from the grocery store shelf can taste like drinking whiskey out of a dirty shoe.

Just make your cold coffee at home, okay? Let us know if you need a recipe ๐Ÿ‘โ€ฆ

To all the big-tech social media companies: STOP THE BULL! The only time I want suggestions is when I'm searching for something. You will stop sprinkling them into my notifications, my timelines and the posts by specific accounts I want to see.
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The coffee cat wishes you a happy Sunday ๐Ÿˆโ€โฌ›


Great coffee starts with great coffee beans โ˜•๏ธ

Meme of Anakin and Padmรฉ from Star Wars<br>Frame 1: YOU NEED A DECENT GRINDER AND A SCALE.<br>Frame 2: AND THEN I CAN MAKE GREAT COFFEE AT HOME, RIGHT?<br>Frame 3: ...<br>Frame 4: AND THEN I CAN MAKE GREAT COFFEE AT HOME, RIGHT?

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Still working! Great day of production today here in LA at the Big 3 Draft with Ice Cube ๐ŸงŠ


OK @Google, y'all really need to fix Chat. Hangouts would notify me every time I received a message. But Chat only notifies me one time and I have to dismiss it to get notified again. I've lost tons of work because of this, more than an hour today alone.
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All current @InuSaitama CEX have been notified of the V2 migration. We will coordinate with them on exactly when to suspend trading to allow airdrop so keep an eye out for their announcements. Also, all perspective CEXโ€™s will be receiving the audited contract tomorrow for review.

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Love this track by @Thenicolebus, and I love what these guys did with it!

To celebrate the release of their collab, @MerkandKremont and @TOMANDJAME are here to help you stay out of โ€˜Big Troubleโ€™! Avoid being late for school or work and win a 1 year supply of @counter_cultureโ€™s โ€˜Big Troubleโ€™ blend + a takeaway mug โ˜•๏ธ

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